What to see in Palmi

Places to see in our hometown

Monte Sant'Elia

It's a 600m high mountain and it's part of Palmi. On its tip there's a viewing point from where you can admire the Calabrian Coast that goes from Capo Vaticano to Scilla, the Aeolian Islands, the straight of Sicily, and part of Sicily itself.

Spiaggia dell'Ulivarella

Probably the most well known beach in Palmi and one of the most popular of the entire region. The beach is truly beautiful. It was named "Ulivarella" because of a wild olive tree that grew on the tip of a big (island) rock just a swim away from the beach.

Tonnara di Palmi

It's a fishing village part of Palmi's territory. From the town centre it's easily reachable by car in roughly 10 minutes. There are kilometres of beaches there, with Ulivarella being the most famous. In the summer is super busy while during the winter it goes back to being just a fishing village.

La Marinella

Probably our favourite beach in Palmi. There's no sand, it's a rocky one, but the scenery is amazing. It's a small bay just at the foot of Sant'Elia mountain. It definitely deserves a visit and if snorkeling, swimming or diving are your things you just can't miss it.

Piazza Iº Maggio

It's the main square in Palmi, and real centre of the town's life. There and in the nearby streets you'll find shops, cafes (where they make proper coffee) and much more. The city centre is all within walking distance from here.

Villa Comunale

Small park with nice gardens and an amazing view. It's in the town centre, very close to the church where we'll be getting married.

Parco Archeologico Dei Taureani

Beautiful archaeological park in the village of Taureana, part of Palmi. Taureana, which nowadays is only a village has a very old history. The park, located on a beautiful hill overlooking the beach and covered in olive trees, has the remaining of the old Roman town.